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Until Fandom Monthly Magazine is one year old, BOOK PROMOTION IS FREE!! (Until September 2014)

We are currently booking from any day after September 1st.

Author Spotlight (1 day, all blogs post at once):
Author spotlight is our most popular form of book promotion! This promo method has been around the longest, and has definitely helped increase book sales for all authors that we've ever promoted.
An author spotlight consists of: one book to promote, a synopsis and cover of that book, an author picture and bio, interview, and a giveaway if the author being promoted would like to list one.
See all of our author spotlights here

Book tour (1 week max):
What exactly is a book tour? It is an online promotional tour which an author will go to different blogs or "tour stops" without traveling. A book blog tour is kind of like when an author travels a country going to bookstores for book signings. Except this is online. Book blog tours have been proven to be an excellent method for book promotion. 
Usually, a book blog tour post will consist of a book cover, its synopsis, an author bio and picture, excerpt of the book being promoted, and a giveaway. 
Giveaways have also been proven to be great ways to draw readers in. Readers love reading and books, but most of all, they love FREE books. Giveaways usually consist of print books, ebooks, swag (bookmarks, tee shirts, jewelry), gift cards, and paypal cash. The author or publisher can choose if they want to give away something, and what they want to give away.

Book blitz (3 days):
A book blitz is very similar to a book tour. Bloggers sign up, there are stops, but the difference is that the bloggers who sign up choose when to post the book blitz post in a certain time frame. When there is a book tour, bloggers sign up for a scheduled time and date to post.
Book blitzes also consist of a promoted book cover, its synopsis, an author bio and picture, excerpt of the book being promoted, and a giveaway. 

Cover reveal (1 day):
A cover reveal is similar to a book release, except a release for a book's cover. If you don't want to just simply add a cover to your book, book a cover reveal!

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